IT Recruitment Marketplace

IT Recruitment Marketplace is the place to go for:

  • People needing assistance with finding their next role or managing their careers.
  • New and existing recruiters that wish to use IT to improve turnover and increase profitability; through process improvement and automation.

We are an innovative supplement to recruitment consultancies, or in-house recruitment teams, that leverages technology to drive down the cost of recruitment services; adding value to existing recruitment engagements & improving upon the service for clients. We operate in an open, honest & transparent way - putting clients and applicants first.

We offer a number of complimentary services for career management and existing recruitment engagements:



Recruitment Assister

Would you like assistance finding your new role or managing your career? We have a number of services to help you achieve your goals:

  • CV Writer
  • Application Manager
  • Interview Reformer

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Combined Assitance
Tech Assist Dashboard

Recruitment Dashboard

The dashboard:

  • Orders candidates according to agreed criteria:
  • Manages the status of all applicant's applications.
  • Provides immediate access to CVs, screening question results & Skype interviews.
  • Provides feedback to all applicants.

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Tech Assist Service

If you are struggling with the technical jargon then let our technical specialists assist you with your recruitment:

  • CV reviews.
  • Screening question selection.
  • Screening question response reviews.
  • Recorded Skype interviews.

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Tech Assist Concept
Tech Assist with Dashboard

Combined Recruitment Package

If you would like to improve upon your recruitment service, becoming more efficient and providing better quality candidates then you can combine our services:

Roles for Recruiters

As recruiters, you will occasionally have quiet periods. Why not fill those gaps by filling some roles on the Government's Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework?

If you would like to become an affiliate recruiter then please contact us.

We are proud to be suppliers to the UK government through the Digital Marketplace.


Additional Services

We are pleased to recommend additional services offered by partner organisations: