Recruitment Dashboard

The Recruitment Dashboard reduces the administrative burden whilst allowing you to focus on the people element of recruitment. The dashboard automates:

  • The entry of candidate details into the system.
  • Objective assessments of candidates at all stages of the progress.
  • Feedback to all candidates at all stages of the recruitment process.
  • Client/management oversight of the candidate selection procedure.
Tech Assist Dashboard

Basic dashboard services:

  • Advertising a role.
  • Capturing candidate details.
  • Basic phases:
    • CV review/scoring.
    • Scoring remote (telephone/Skype) interviews.
    • Scoring face to face interviews.
    • Manual override.
  • Phase weighting.
  • Client/management oversight.
  • Client/management & candidate notifications.

We also have additional dashboard services that further improve your recruitment service:

  • Adding phases:
    • Automatically screening candidates.
    • Untimed Questions and Answers.
    • Timed Questions and Answers.
    • Online Interviews.
    • Interview Management.
    • Recording remote (telephone/Skype) interviews.
  • Anonymising candidates.