Tech Assist Service

Whether you are a recruiter or tasked with in-house recruitment; interviewing technical resources can be a challenge. The Tech Assist Service eases the burden by providing a technical expert with the relevant skills/experience to help you find the right person for the role.

Tech Assist Concept

The Tech Assist Service is a collaboration between the client, recruiter and a technical specialist with extensive skills and experience in the role being filled. We help improve the quality of candidates getting to the latter stages of the recruitment process by assessing technical competence throughout the recruitment process.

We will assign you a technical specialist that can assist with:

  • CV reviews - let a technical specialist review CVs submitted, score them against your criteria and then order them for future consideration.
  • Screening question selection - a technical specialist will evaluate your role and specify a set of technical questions that will test candidates ability to fulfill your role.
  • Screening question response reviews - as each candidate completes the screening questions the technical specialist will evaluate each response, providing scores that can be used in conjunction with other assessment criteria to order the candidates for the next stage of the process.
  • Recorded remote interviews - technical specialists can conduct remote technical interviews on your behalf; recording them for playback at your leisure. These interviews will be scored, providing further input to each candidate's suitability for your role.