Transforming Real Time Information in the West Midlands

Closing date for applications: 25/07/2019
Specialist role
Data architect
Summary of the work
The Transforming Real Time Information programme will rebuild the TfWM bus RTI architecture to bring it up to date, make it fit for the foreseeable future and deliver a robust real time multi-modal platform for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games in 2022. The programme supports key priorities set out by WMCA.
Latest start date
Expected contract length
Design and procurement tender within 12 weeks. Contribute to the project for a further 18 months.
West Midlands
Organisation the work is for
West Midlands Combined Authority
Maximum day rate
Please specify required day rate
Early market engagement
Who the specialist will work with
WMCA experts in the areas of public transport real time data, disruption information, website and app development. WMCA Project Management, Legal and Procurement Teams. Suppliers of public transport data & systems.
What the specialist will work on
Design system architecture, provide documentation, technical specification. Gain understanding of current system architecture and its limitations. Hold regular programme meetings with WMCA. Develop supplier & performance KPIs. Investigate customer pain points in current architecture, alleviate in new architecture. Engage experts, suppliers, transport operators, authorities. Engage stakeholders involved with parallel work streams (RTCC, disruption, journey planner, app & website). Produce business case and tender specification for new architecture Engage with legal and procurement teams to formulate a tender process and issue contract notice for approved suppliers. Produce capital and revenue expenditure reports for new architecture. Write system & acceptance testing documentation.
Address where the work will take place
West Midlands Combined Authority 16 Summer Lane Birmingham
Working arrangements
Initial face to-face engagement to fully understand current architecture, limitations and WMCA requirements for the new architecture. Anticipate minimum 1 day per week either at WMCA HQ or with other stakeholders and suppliers to work through new architecture requirements, design and processes. No requirement for overnight accommodation unless necessary. Availability for calls and conference calls (including video) as required. All expenses should be included in costs quoted.
Security clearance
Additional terms and conditions
How many specialists to evaluate
Cultural fit criteria
Work as a team with our organisation, stakeholders and suppliers Be transparent and collaborative when making decisions Have a no-blame culture and encourage people to learn from their mistakes Take responsibility for their work Share knowledge and experience with other team members Be comfortable standing up for their discipline
Assessment methods
Work history Reference Interview Presentation
Evaluation weighting
Technical competence 70% Cultural fit 10% Price 20%
Essential skills and experience
  • Design server and server to server architectures for public transit authorities, SaaS preferred
  • Write technical specifications
  • Have strong knowledge of transit data interchange standards including SIRI (all types), TransXChange, GTFS, GTFS-RT and NeTEx
  • Provide evidence of previous fulfilled contracts with a similar outcome
  • Provide evidence of engagement with transit operators, authorities and suppliers
  • Write tender specifications
  • Have strong knowledge of API implementation, both XML and JSON
  • Understand requirements for ISO27001 accreditation
  • Have strong knowledge of digital service requirements of the Bus Services Act 2017
  • Follow agile project management methodologies
  • Write financial forecast reports
  • Understand ITIL framework
  • Have strong stakeholder engagement skills
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Provide evidence of contract writing
  • Understand network and device monitoring protocols (ICMP, SNMP, Telnet, WMI)
  • Understand and write VBA code
  • Understand and write SQL code

Closing date for applications: 25/07/2019

Transforming Real Time Information in the West Midlands

Closing date for applications: 25/07/2019

Specialist role:

Data architect


West Midlands


West Midlands Combined Authority

Maximum day rate:

Please specify required day rate

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