DWP USS User Researcher (UR)

Closing date for applications: 08/03/2023
Specialist role
User researcher
Summary of the work
- Aim to increase self-service opportunities.- Independently plan and carry out research (end to end).- Understand the most appropriate research methods and tools - making recommendations for progress.- Championing culture of best practice User Research.- Independently lead on Research with support from the internal business practice.
Latest start date
Expected contract length
3 months
North West England
Organisation the work is for
The Department for Works and Pensions
Maximum day rate
Early market engagement
Who the specialist will work with
You will be working as part of an internal multidisciplinary project team, you will have access to wider DWP resources such as content design, business analyst and design as and if required.
What the specialist will work on
Working as part of an internal multidisciplinary project team focused on making improvements to the Digital chatbot increasing the topics available and introducing search for knowledge, aligned to Knowledge Management Style Guide, in line with principles put in place part of Knowledge Transformation activity. The project team will plan and define the scope of the work with priority on topics that are most used or those that align with higher incident generating services. Further activity will be driven to improve DWP end user self-service including removing unnecessary contact and increasing adoption of chatbot and knowledge within the digital platform .
Address where the work will take place
Manchester HUB 2 St Peter’s Square Manchester - M2 3AA or Peel Park Control Centre, Brunel Way, Blackpool, Lancashire - FY4 5ES
Working arrangements
Working arrangements will be a blend of remote working and working from the Manchester or Blackpool HUB site, you will spend roughly 40% of your time onsite and 60% at home.
Security clearance
BPSS minimum security clearance
Additional terms and conditions
How many specialists to evaluate
Cultural fit criteria
-Plan and design user research programmes, testing both high level concepts and specific aspects of the services as it is designed and developed. -Work within agile project teams, providing, to the team, a focus on user centred design. -Generate new and useful insights related to DWP users for the project team to leverage, ensuring where relevant that the insights influence design decision. -Communicate the insights gained from user research outputs to both the project team and wider stakeholder, helping to enhance organisational understanding of the users that drives decisions and actionable recommendations. -Maintain and develop relationships across the product teams, guiding the team in understanding research appropriates and insights. -Prioritize and execute the end to end user research activities, this will include the scope, plan, recruitment, facilitating and also the driving of improvement in the service offered. -Plan and conduct research that considers the diversity of users, keeping in mind access needs and the ethical nature of research. -Conduct user research using a range of research methods, selecting the appropriate method, both qualitative and quantitative, depending on the requirements of the programme. -Be responsible for improving your own learning, keeping in mind the need to consistently improve your understanding of the role and methods to be used. -Work with other teams to understand and leverage existing research material that may add value to the team's research requirements and ,where necessary conduct a gap analysis. -Be an active member of the user research community, manage and mentor associate user researchers to ensure quality of research, and drive improvements in practice.
Assessment methods
Evaluation weighting
Technical competence 60% Cultural fit 20% Price 20%
Essential skills and experience
  • Understands and has experience of basic user research methods. Understands when to use those methods and how to apply them correctly. Knows how to involve their team in research activities
  • Understands what problem the team is trying to solve. Can align user research activities to inform decision making and action
  • Experienced in applying Agile principles in practice. Able to provide a clear, open and transparent framework in which teams can deliver and uses Agile tools intelligently
  • Able to visualise and make visible the work of the team. Can adapt and reflect, is resilient and has the ability to see outside of the process
  • Understands the social and technological context for government services. Can align user research activities to help their team understand changing user behaviour
  • Able to use quantitative and qualitative data about users to turn user focus into outcomes. Delivers analysis and information that addresses stakeholder needs and provides recommendations
  • Collaborates with user researchers and other user-focussed professions. Guides others on approaches to understand user stories
  • Identifies and engages with users / stakeholders to collate user needs evidence and understands and defines research which fits user needs
  • Can identify and understand constraints and is able to communicate these and work within them. Is able to challenge the validity of constraints. Capable of ensuring standards are being met
  • Is responsive to changes in technology, adapting their approach accordingly
  • Makes decisions to meet user needs in the social, technical and government context
  • Understands the importance of assisted digital and is able to design services and make decisions to meet user’s needs aligning activities to help their team understand changing user behaviour
  • Identifies key stakeholders and relationships and works with teams to build these. Understands how to work with stakeholders and contributes to improving these relationships
  • Understands and has experience of a range of user-centred practices. Can work with colleagues to plan and do continuous user research in a multidisciplinary team
  • Able to demonstrate a working understanding of design, technology and data principles
  • Understands the variety and complexity of users’ digital needs and how the product will meet those needs
  • Understands the importance of assisted digital. Able to design services and make decisions to meet user’s needs
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • You are expected to have worked across functional boundaries in order to effectively communicate vision and gain stakeholder buy in
  • Have worked with users to articulate their needs and communicated these to others
  • Have made effective decisions based on incomplete information using a range of techniques
  • Have prioritised backlogs based on user needs, business values and expected return on investment

Closing date for applications: 08/03/2023

DWP USS User Researcher (UR)

Closing date for applications: 08/03/2023

Specialist role:

User researcher


North West England


The Department for Works and Pensions

Maximum day rate:


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