CAID Combined AI Classifiers Harness 2 (DE)

Closing date for applications: 09/02/2022
Specialist role
Data engineer
Summary of the work
Deliver a harness that integrates the predictions of 2 or more AI classifiers of Indecent Images of Children (IIoC) and produces a final more accurate outcome-based prediction. Where optimal engagement is made of human experts to further enable the best outcome.
Latest start date
Expected contract length
2 Years + 6 Months
Organisation the work is for
The Home Office
Maximum day rate
Please specify required day rate
Early market engagement
Who the specialist will work with
The CAID programme comprises of a portfolio of projects across strategy & transformation and technical release workstreams. The service will primarily be client-side and operate in partnership with Home Office civil-servants, suppliers and policing.
What the specialist will work on
Child Abuse Image Database (CAID) ProgrammeDuring a child sexual abuse investigation all files on a device not previously known to CAID need to be assessed for illegal imagery of children. An existing AI is already deployed that aids this process. The CAID Transformation Programme will have 2 AI Classifiers to assess Indecent Images of Children (IIoC). The “1st AI Classifier”, and “The “2nd AI Classifier”.We seek a supplier to deliver a combined AI classifier harness to bring together the predictive outputs of 2 or more classifiers to produce better classification outcomes with significantly less burden on Police Officers.
Address where the work will take place
The CAID Team are based in Croydon, London. The team must be able to onboard and work remotely with occasional travel to other UK locations that include London, West Yorkshire, and Croydon.
Working arrangements
The supplier will provide team members to deliver and manage the required outcomes.Team members will be protected from exposure to the imagery stored on CAID but discussing the subject matter could be still distressing.The team must be flexible to work remotely or from Home Office locations within the M25 area. Some UK based travel may be required. Pricing will be based on a hybrid of T&M, fixed price, and milestone payments. Day rates must be aligned with the Home Office-mandated rate card.
Security clearance
The service requires resources who either have or are prepared to apply for and obtain SC or NPPV3 (Non-Police Personnel Vetting level 3) clearances.
Additional terms and conditions
The Home Office expect to own all project specific foreground IPR including the source-code for the Combined AI Classifiers Harness.The Home Office has limited foreground IP on the existing classifier and only some general implementation details. Fusion methods that require deep integration should be ruled out.The Home Office will not pay expenses for travelling from Supplier work locations to Home Office or other locations within the M25 area.
How many specialists to evaluate
Cultural fit criteria
-Cultural Fit, WILL NOT form part of the Assessment Criteria at mini-competition stage. However Social Value will be instead assessed at 10% out of the overall scores available. -The Home Office adhere to the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 ( which requires commissioners who procure services to consider social, economic and environmental benefits. -The Home Office practises social value procurement to help communities: -• recover from the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) -• tackle economic inequality -• fight climate change -• promote equal opportunity and wellbeing -For further guidance refer to: -
Assessment methods
Evaluation weighting
Technical competence 65% Cultural fit 10% Price 25%
Essential skills and experience
  • Experience of working with law enforcement or government and, with this, the knowledge of expected controls and governance arrangements
  • Experience of evolving and upgrading legacy systems, decoupling boundary interfaces to enable new capabilities to be integrated one new service at a time
  • Experience of providing project leadership and support for projects with multiple and complex dependencies
  • Proven knowledge and expertise in data governance for the public sector where data sensitivity and security are a major consideration
  • Experience in providing a flexible resource profile that can efficiently adapt to the demands of the programme, meeting short- and long-term resourcing needs
  • Evidence of seeking the best capabilities available in the industry, looking to build on the best of open-source tech or potential consortium delivery with a specialist supplier
  • Experience of continuous delivery and how best to break down a project into tangible delivery steps, monitoring benefits realised and implementing continual improvement practices throughout
  • Experience of maximising knowledge retention and skills transfer, including advancing knowledge sharing, documentation, and the use of enterprise repositories
  • Experience in integration technologies and orchestration, data processing pipelines and the load balancing of data processes
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Human machine workflow optimisation
  • Specific experience in policing, public sector and/or CAID

Closing date for applications: 09/02/2022

CAID Combined AI Classifiers Harness 2 (DE)

Closing date for applications: 09/02/2022

Specialist role:

Data engineer




The Home Office

Maximum day rate:

Please specify required day rate

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