Business Analyst for Finance/Purchasing (BA)

Closing date for applications: 14/02/2020
Specialist role
Business analyst
Summary of the work
An opportunity for an experienced business or systems analyst with specialist knowledge of Finance and procurement processes to take a leading role in a project to replace London Fire Brigade’s Finance and Purchasing system.
Latest start date
Expected contract length
Approx 2 years, there will be gaps at stages for governance approvals and system procurement tenders.
Organisation the work is for
London Fire Brigade
Maximum day rate
Please specify required day rate
Early market engagement
We have received a number of demonstrations from market leading solutions with the purpose of allowing London Fire Brigade to become a more intelligent customer.
Who the specialist will work with
Finance and Procurement teams consisting of staff within the following areas: Purchase to Pay Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Budgeting Stock Control Protective Equipment Group Borough Distribution Centre Accounts Production from General Ledger Purchasing and Procurement Water Team Sustainable Development Vehicle Administration Management End user stakeholders (e.g. fire station staff and staff from other departments e.g. Training, HR) The Heads of Service, Deputy Heads and Managers of Finance and Procurement ICT Project Manager ICT Project Support ICT Finance systems owner
What the specialist will work on
Analysis and specification phase (3 month duration): • Stakeholder engagement • Analysis of business processes • Functional specification Market analysis and pre-procurement phase (approx 6 months elapsed): • Review of market, identification of solution types and recommendations • Evaluation methodology for the procurement Procurement and implementation phase (approx one year elapsed): • Support the procurement process including advice, clarifications • Evaluation of bids/Shared Service preparation completed • Assist with data migration • Assist with solution provider led implementation Across all three phases: • Progress reports • Contribute to project plan and other governance reports • Contribute to stakeholder signoff
Address where the work will take place
London Fire Brigade HQ 169 Union Street London SE1 0LL
Working arrangements
• Onsite 5 days a week, standard working hours, unless formally agreed otherwise • A combination of face to face meetings / workshops and working at a desk in the main office building • Regular update/progress meetings/emails/conference calls • Travel and subsistence expenses to be included in daily fee
Security clearance
Additional terms and conditions
1. The applicant must not be a recruitment agency 2. Company must have a minimum turnover of £200k
How many specialists to evaluate
Cultural fit criteria
Work as a team with our organisation and other suppliers Take responsibility for their work Be comfortable standing up for their discipline Can work with clients with low technical expertise
Assessment methods
Evaluation weighting
Technical competence 75% Cultural fit 5% Price 20%
Essential skills and experience
  • Lead a review of current business processes within LFB, confirm existing good practices, propose changes and additions to the business processes in accordance with current industry good practice
  • Document the above processes in sufficient detail
  • Produce a functional specification (Statement of Requirements) for the procurement of the solution, which shall incorporate current industry good practice, appropriate performance criteria, service level agreements and other features
  • Set out requirements in a MoSCoW priority format (M= must haves, S = should haves, C= could haves, and W = won’t haves)
  • Undertake stakeholder engagement, in particular within Finance, Procurement, Brigade Distribution Centre, Payroll and ICT departments and other end users
  • Consider and review all end user experience, including those within the functions based at 169 Union Street, the needs of fire stations and fire safety department, and senior management
  • Review and address system interface requirements
  • Provide regular checkpoint and highlight reports to the project manager, including information on risks, issues and dependencies. Also provide ad hoc reports as requested from time to time
  • Propose inputs into the project plan to ensure effective delivery of the outcomes of this contract
  • Provide market intelligence, the identification and review of the types of solution available, including a shared service potentially, that could likely meet our requirements
  • Lead the process of comparing the Brigade’s requirements with solutions (including shared service option) available in order to advise a ‘best fit’, including requirements fulfilment, costs and risks
  • Lead the review and assessment of shared service opportunities
  • Advise on contract model to manage the selected system(s)/supplier(s), including performance measures to ensure value is achieved throughout the life of the contract
  • Develop evaluation criteria for the procurement decision
  • Provide regular checkpoint and highlight reports to the project manager, including information on risks, issues and dependencies. The Consultant shall also provide ad hoc reports as requested
  • Propose inputs into the project plan to ensure effective delivery of the outcomes of this contract
  • Provide client side advice and adopt lead responsibility for the client function during the procurement phase of the finance and purchasing system
  • Manage and deal with technical and functional tender clarification questions process in conjunction with LFB procurement personnel
  • Assist with evaluation of bids and participate in the evaluation process
  • In the event of a shared service option being chosen, lead the client side elements required in the access to and planned engagement of the shared service agreement

Closing date for applications: 14/02/2020

Business Analyst for Finance/Purchasing (BA)

Closing date for applications: 14/02/2020

Specialist role:

Business analyst




London Fire Brigade

Maximum day rate:

Please specify required day rate

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