User Testing for Register to Vote (Northern Ireland Overseas)

Closing date for applications: 27/05/2019
Specialist role
User researcher
Summary of the work
We will need participants from Northern Ireland representing a varied demography of age, gender, ethnicity and digital capability (participants who already live abroad or are intending to move abroad are preferred). Participants should be willing to be audio recorded or filmed.
Latest start date
Expected contract length
Six to eight weeks
Northern Ireland
Organisation the work is for
Cabinet Office
Maximum day rate
Please specify required day rate
Early market engagement
Who the specialist will work with
You'll involve the Cabinet Office team in planning, observation, and analysis.
What the specialist will work on
You'll conduct research activities on overseas users from Northern Ireland, applying online to register to vote. You'll: - Conduct qualitative user research activities focusing on usability and comprehension testing - Identify, schedule and coordinate 12-15 participants. - Conduct two rounds of research with an interim debrief presenting an overview and discussing changes - Provide location for testing - Conduct analysis and produce report with findings, focusing on usability and comprehension testing. Include information about user needs, supplement existing user journey map defining pain points, and make recommendations on improvements. - Make a recommendation for any further research required.
Address where the work will take place
Belfast and London with some flexibility.
Working arrangements
We expect the supplier to provide a research location in Belfast which has the capability to stream sessions.
Security clearance
Additional terms and conditions
How many specialists to evaluate
Cultural fit criteria
Work as a team with our organisation and other suppliers Be transparent and collaborative when making decisions Take responsibility for their work Share knowledge and experience with other team members Be comfortable standing up for their discipline Can work with clients with low technical expertise
Assessment methods
Work history
Evaluation weighting
Technical competence 50% Cultural fit 10% Price 40%
Essential skills and experience
  • Conduct usability testing competently with a variety of users
  • Conduct analysis and pull together a report with the findings
  • Recruit participants who are representative of desired user groups and screen users based on specific criteria
  • Provide a single point of contact to reliably respond to communications by email or phone within 1 day
  • Arrange and manage participants, ensuring their attendance at the research.
  • Handle research incentives for participants
  • Recruit users for face to face usability testing
  • Recruit users for remote usability testing
  • Identify risks you can see and how you propose mitigating against them
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Awareness of designing services using the GOV.UK design system
  • Ability to recruit with users who have access needs

Closing date for applications: 27/05/2019

User Testing for Register to Vote (Northern Ireland Overseas)

Closing date for applications: 27/05/2019

Specialist role:

User researcher


Northern Ireland


Cabinet Office

Maximum day rate:

Please specify required day rate

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