Service Designer (D)

Closing date for applications: 30/12/2021
Specialist role
Summary of the work
CAMLite is a workflow management tool which is used by internal DWP staff to update claimant information, the work is created for the users as TasksDWP are replacing the system with an AWS Cloud based service, using ARA components where possible, to replace the COTS Product.
Latest start date
Expected contract length
Initial term will be 6 months with an optional 6 months extension
No specific location, for example they can work remotely
Organisation the work is for
Department & Work & Pensions
Maximum day rate
Please specify required day rate
Early market engagement
Who the specialist will work with
You will be comfortable working in a cross-functional team (including UX, analysts, statisticians, engineers, product owners, security risk, etc.).
What the specialist will work on
Service designers design the end-to-end journey of a service. This helps a user complete their goal and government deliver a policy intent. In this role, your work may involve the creation of, or change to, transactions, products and content across both digital and offline channels provided by different parts of government. You can visualise, articulate and solve complex problems and concepts, and make disciplined decisions based on available information and research evidence. You know how to move from analysis to synthesis and design intent. Demonstration of the ability to apply logical thinking, gathering and analysing information; evidencing key performance indicators
Address where the work will take place
The Services will be aligned to a DWP Technology Hub (to include Manchester and Leeds), the majority of the Buyer’s Digital Workforce are currently working from home and the Supplier Services will be delivered remotely, this is anticipated to continue.
Working arrangements
Digital Workforce are currently working from home and the Supplier Services will be delivered remotely, this is anticipated to continue. The team currently work 5 full days, working hours are flexible provided the supplier covers 8 hours between 08.00am & 18.00pm
Security clearance
The individual shall comply with Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS)/Government Staff Vetting Procedures in respect of all persons who are employed or engaged be the Supplier in the provision of this Call Off Contract prior to each individual commencing work.
Additional terms and conditions
How many specialists to evaluate
Cultural fit criteria
-Experience of working within agile teams remotely and collaboratively -Experience of GDS Standards -Proactive -Comfortable working in a cross functional team -Ability to communicate effectively to express freedom of thought and innovation, positively challenge and act as an advocate for change. -Evidence of working in a transparent and visible way that drives performance, ownership, trust and eliminates surprise. -Evidence of a culture of continuous improvement -You're an expert voice for us and a leader. You'll need to engage teams and lead initiatives that require engagement of a diverse group of stakeholders
Assessment methods
Evaluation weighting
Technical competence 40% Cultural fit 10% Price 50%
Essential skills and experience
  • Demonstrate an excellent understanding of best practice in design for both digital and non-digital interactions
  • Experience of Collaboration with designers in other teams and departments, developing shared patterns
  • Experience of leading and coordinating design work in your team, supporting other designers where necessary
  • Experience of working effectively in a multidisciplinary, agile environment, adapting quickly to changes in requirements, priorities or user needs
  • Experience of using research and business analysis to understand users needs, identify improvements to products and services and test different designs
  • Demonstrate you understand systems thinking, and understand a service's technical components as well as the surface-to-core view of what it is that makes the customer journey happen
  • Demonstrate you can synthesize data. You'll use research findings from our brilliant digital team, as well as analytics, customer feedback, ideation, and strategic directives to form insights and outcomes
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Written and verbal skills to enable them to communicate complex data and information problems and solutions
  • Have experience of working within DWP or a comparable organisation within the last 3 years

Closing date for applications: 30/12/2021

Service Designer (D)

Closing date for applications: 30/12/2021

Specialist role:



No specific location, for example they can work remotely


Department & Work & Pensions

Maximum day rate:

Please specify required day rate

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