DWP Digital – User Support Services (USS) (CD) (3/6)

Closing date for applications: 26/11/2021
Specialist role
Content designer
Summary of the work
DWP User Support Services (USS) are looking to engage Content Designers to update existing Knowledge Articles.
Latest start date
Expected contract length
3 months
North West England
Organisation the work is for
Department of Work and Pensions
Maximum day rate
Early market engagement
Who the specialist will work with
The existing team is augmented with a mix of Civil Servants and other 3rd party supplier resource.
What the specialist will work on
Content Designer required to Improve Knowledge articles, review and refresh/update existing End User facing Knowledge improving self-heal, working closely with the core USS Team, Digital Product/Content and Knowledge Owners. Candidate will work as part of multidisciplinary knowledge team focussed on improving content of end user facing Knowledge Articles, in line with the new principles in place as part of recent Knowledge transformation activity. The Knowledge Team will plan and define the scope of work of the end user General Knowledgebase (>1400 Articles) prioritising the articles that are most used or those that align with the Top 20 incident generating services.
Address where the work will take place
Working arrangements will be a blend of remote working and working from the Manchester HUB site, you will spend roughly 40% of your time onsite and 60% at home.Specialist will work 5 working days per week . Normal working hours are defined as 8am - 4pm / 9am - 5pm
Working arrangements
You will be working as part of an internal multidisciplinary knowledge management team, you will have access to wider resources such as research and design if required. Delivering iterative improvements to end user knowledge held within the ServiceNow toolset, working on a defined set of priorities owned and managed by the DWP. In practical terms, the context of the work to be managed is to consider existing information and guidance within Knowledge Articles removing unnecessary narrative, reduce and simplify complex, technical language using basic principles to present simple language that is easier to understand and act upon.
Security clearance
The supplier will be required to hold BPSS security clearance as a minimum.
Additional terms and conditions
How many specialists to evaluate
Cultural fit criteria
-work as a team with our organisation and other suppliers -be transparent and collaborative when making decisions -have a no-blame culture and encourage people to learn from their mistakes -take responsibility for their work -share knowledge and experience with other team members -be comfortable standing up for their discipline
Assessment methods
Evaluation weighting
Technical competence 60% Cultural fit 20% Price 20%
Essential skills and experience
  • A content designer is comfortable using evidence, data and research to make the right content decisions
  • You will make sure users' goals are met and that a service or other product meets policy intent
  • Can work within a multidisciplinary team across digital and non-digital channels. You contribute to and use style guides and design patterns to produce consistent content
  • Putting users' needs at the heart of their work, a content designer makes people's interactions with the government as simple and speedy as possible
  • Create new content and iteratively improve existing content across digital and non-digital channels to meet user needs and business objectives
  • Evaluate current content strategies based on the results of user research and data. Iteratively improve existing content
  • Help to set and implement style and other standards to create high-quality content.
  • Take part in user research and work effectively with multidisciplinary teams including interaction designers and developers to create clear and relevant content
  • Build relationships and work closely with policy, legal and other expert colleagues to make sure content is accurate and consistent
  • Promote user-centred content design within the department and beyond
  • Able to use quantitative and qualitative data about users to turn user focus into outcomes
  • Delivers analysis and information that addresses stakeholder needs and provides recommendations
  • Create clear, joined-up user journeys
  • Collaborates with user researchers and other user-focussed professions. Guides others on approaches to understand user stories
  • Identifies and engages with users / stakeholders to collate user needs evidence
  • You will be responsible for creating, updating and reviewing content for end-to-end user journeys
  • Ensure the most appropriate content is shown to users in the right place and in the right format
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Understands and has experience of a range of user-centred practices
  • Can work with colleagues to plan and do continuous user research in a multidisciplinary team
  • Able to demonstrate a working understanding of design, technology and data principles
  • Understands the variety and complexity of users’ digital needs and how the product will meet those needs
  • Understands the importance of assisted digital. Able to design services and make decisions to meet user’s needs
  • Communicate in a straightforward, honest and engaging manner, choosing appropriate styles to maximise understanding and impact.
  • Encourage the use of different communication methods, including digital resources, and highlight the benefits, including ensuring cost effectiveness
  • Ensure communication has a clear purpose and takes into account people’s individual needs. Share information as appropriate and check understanding
  • Show positivity and enthusiasm towards work, encouraging others to do the same
  • Ensure that important messages are communicated with colleagues and stakeholders respectfully, taking into consideration the diversity of interests
  • Understand the strategic drivers for your area of work. Align activities to contribute to wider organisational priorities
  • Remain alert to emerging issues and trends which mightimpact your work area
  • Seek out and share experiences to develop knowledge of the team’s business area
  • Understand how the strategies and activities of the team createvalue and meet the diverse needs of all stakeholders

Closing date for applications: 26/11/2021

DWP Digital – User Support Services (USS) (CD) (3/6)

Closing date for applications: 26/11/2021

Specialist role:

Content designer


North West England


Department of Work and Pensions

Maximum day rate:


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