IT Recruitment Marketplace Dashboard Project – Beta

Beta Phase:

The beta phase of our project was split into the private and the public beta. The beta phase is where you take your best idea from the alpha phase and start building it. It also involves thinking about integrating with existing services, and also preparing for the transition to the live phase.

The beta phase was structured so that we could roll out the service to real users, minimising risk and maximising the potential to learn and iterate the service. The beta phase started as a private beta which means there was a limited number of people who can used the service and gave feedback to improve it.

Once the service has been improved and we felt confident we could run it at scale and take an assessment to move to the public beta. This involves opening up the service to anyone who needs it.

In the beta phase of the project we focused on:

  • meeting the service standard at beta
  • solving a whole problem for users
  • getting the scope of our journey right
  • joining up with the user's wider journey
  • working in the open
  • dealing with constraints
  • reusing users' information where possible
  • providing a joined up experience across different channels
  • making sure everyone can use our service
  • how we use technology


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