IT Recruitment Marketplace Dashboard Project – Alpha

Alpha Phase:

The alpha phase of our project lasted (.....) weeks. It was the chance to try out new approaches and solutions to the problems researched in the discovery phase of the project. We spent the alpha phase of the project building prototypes and testing different ideas of some of the areas that we thought were going to be the most challenging and risky.

In the alpha phase we tested ideas out but not to production quality, most of this wasn't used, but it helped us to understand which ideas are worth taking forward to the beta phase of the project.

In the alpha phase of the project we focused on:

  • testing our riskiest assumptions
  • dealing with constraints
  • solving a whole problem for users
  • getting the scope of our journey right
  • joining up with the user's wider journey
  • working in the open
  • reusing users' information where possible
  • providing a joined up experience across different channels
  • making sure everyone can use our service (WCAG compliance)
  • deciding whether to move onto the Beta phase


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