End-to-End Service

What’s Different?

Our recruitment process significantly reduces your efforts so that you can go on and run your business; whilst we take care of your recruitment needs:

  1. Your dedicated Recruitment Consultant will work with you to identify needs. You will specify the number of people you would like to see at the face-to-face interview stage.
  2. On identifying a new role the Recruitment Consultant will assign one of our experienced domain experts:
    1. Architecture
    2. Business Analysis
    3. Delivery Management
    4. Development
    5. DevOps
    6. Testing
  3. The domain expert will work with you to select appropriate screening questions from our database.
  4. The Recruitment Consultant will advertise the role.
  5. The candidates will then appear on your personal dashboard using our traffic light system: Green (provisionally suitable and moving to next stage), Amber (initially suitable but not for this specific role), Red (not suitable).
  6. The domain expert will review CVs and order candidates; eliminating unsuitable candidates (Red).
  7. Screening questions will be sent to all candidates that pass the CV review (Green).
  8. Responses will be reviewed by the domain expert: suitable candidates (Green) will progress, unsuitable candidates (Amber) will not progress for this specific role.
  9. Suitable candidates will be ordered from most suitable to least suitable based on CVs and Screening Question responses.
  10. Our Recruitment Consultant will organise (recorded) Skype meetings for our domain expert to interview the candidates in priority order; until we achieve your target for face-to-face interviews.
  11. Candidates will again be prioritised; now based on CVs, Screening Question responses and Skype interviews.
  12. Your dashboard will now show a prioritised list of candidates with drill-down access to: CVs, Screening Question responses and Skype interviews.
  13. You specify your availability for face-to-face interviews and our Recruitment Consultant will organise them around your schedule.
  14. Optionally, an alternative domain expert can be recruited as an objective assistant for face-to-face interviews.
  15. You select your preferred candidate.
  16. Our Recruitment Consultant arranges contracts and start dates.